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Thank you for choosing Quit Smoking Direct to assist you on your quit smoking journey. Making the decision to quit is the 1st step in your journey, and most often a difficult one. If you've made the 1st step, congratulations! Let our products help you complete the rest.   

Please note - always consult a ‘health professional’ regarding quit smoking practice (emotions, withdrawal symptoms & habit associated problems with quit smoking can only be managed by health/medical professionals), Quit Smoking Direct is not a quit smoking advisory / rehab service. 

On this journey to a smokefree lifestyle, it's important to get an understanding of how our products can help you. 

What is Habitrol / Nicorette / Nicotrol?

The 3 ranges offer products that are used for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). For individuals who want to quit smoking and get clean from their nicotine dependency. These products work by providing your body with a hit of nicotine without the harmful, cancer-causing chemicals or tobacco. It's a replacement to gradually stray away from tobacco. It substitutes the oral activity to reduce the urge to smoke along with the withdrawal symptoms.

How to use the chewing gums? 

When using the 2 mg strength gum, 8-12 pieces should be taken per day and each piece should be chewed slowly when you feel the urge to smoke.  You can take up to a maximum of 20 per day. If using the 4mg strength, 4-6 pieces are required and a maximum of 10 per day.


  • Chew one gum until the taste is strong
  • Between the gum and cheek, rest the gum
  • Continue chewing, when the taste fades
  • Repeat the same for 30 minutes.

Following 3 months of chewing the gum, gradually cut down the number of pieces chewed each day till 1-2 pieces are required per day. When you've reached this stage, you can stop using the gum. Reaching that stage may take 6 months from when you start. If you find yourself using NRT for more than 9 months, it may be time to seek advice from a healthcare professional.

Try Combination Therapy 

The products are most beneficial when either used in combination with other products or used with a smoking cessation program.

If you've done this before and had a relapse previously while using just one of the nicotine replacement therapy options, using a combination of other products can be beneficial. 

Combining Habitrol Patches Step 1 with Habitrol Chewing Gum 2 mg. Please know, Habitrol Chewing Gum 4 mg should not be used with Habitrol Patches.

When combining these two products (Habitrol Patches Step 1 with Habitrol Chewing Gum 2 mg), you can use 4-12 pieces of gum each day. People usually go for 5-6 pieces a day. Please do not exceed 12 pieces a day.

This combination therapy should be continued for 12 weeks. After which you can either stop using Habitrol Patches and gradually reduce the number of Habitrol Gum till you feel you no longer need it OR  if you feel like you still need support, you can continue with Habitrol Patches Step 2 for 3-4 weeks, moving to Habitrol Patches Step 3 for 3-4 weeks and maintain the same number maintaining the use of Habitrol Chewing Gum 2 mg each day. Once you've completed the 3 step patches, start to decrease your number of gums you use. Continue till you no longer need it.  

If at any stage you need external help, please consult your health care professional or seek counseling. 

Understand if you are a light, average, or a heavy smoker.  

The general guidelines are as follows: 

Light smoker: Fewer than 10 cigarettes smoked per day. 

Heavy smoker: A pack a day or more 

If you fall in between, you are likely an average smoker. 

Take the Quiz from NIH to find out your dependency - How Strong is Your  Addiction 

Depending on how strong your addiction is chosen the right mg to start your quit smoking journey. Refer to the programme below. 

Start your journey with the recommended 12-week Programme

12 Week Quit Smoking Programme


Note: If you have strong or frequent cravings, you may chew a second piece within one hour. To improve your chances of quitting smoking, chew at least 9 pieces of nicotine gum each day for the first 6 weeks. 

The most common product purchased by beginners is the 'Habitrol 2mg' 



Quitting Smoking Timeline emphasizes the positive effects of quitting smoking and how the body restores itself to health. Watch the video below to see how. 

To know more about the health effects of smoking see our 'Health Effects' Page.