Switching to Vaping?

Smoking vs vaping

Before you make the switch

Quitting a habit that's been with you for a very long time is not an easy task. Vaping may be the 'cool' new trend and an alternative to smoking but before you make that switch and think it may help you quit smoking. Know what you are getting into. 

What is Vaping?

An electronic device that replicated the experience of smoking a cigarette. It heats a liquid with or without Nicotine that creates an aerosol, or 'vapor' which is then inhaled. Vaping and E-cigarettes are the same products, though there are plenty of variations. It claims to be a healthier alternative to smoking which is then debated by many others. 

Is Vaping safer than Cigarette smoking? 

Vaping is relatively less harmful than traditional smoking. However, this does not mean it's a safer alternative to smoking. The Nicotine and Tobacco Research suggests the e-liquid containing flavoring chemicals are unsafe for breathing. There are various theories and studies still being done to completely understand how vaping may or may not be a safer alternative to smoking and if it does really help to quit smoking. 

Quick facts:

  • Vaping or using e-cigarettes as addictive as the traditional. They cannot be considered as smoking cessation tools.
  • There is no international evidence that vaping products decline cigarette smoking in the long term, they may, in fact, be contributing to it. 
  • Vaping products state they carry less risk than smoking but are not risk-free.

The best alternative

To successfully restore your health, the best thing to do is quit smoking for good, either going cold turkey or choosing the right Nicotine Replacement Therapy(NRT) will help you achieve that. It's advised to always consult your medical professional about the best ways to help you quit the habit. If NRT is the option you choose then gums and patches have found to be the most effective in helping individuals quit.  Browse our collection and get started with your recovery today. 

To get you motivated, visit our 'Health Effects' page and see the benefits of quitting.

We at Quit Smoking Direct aim to give you information that will be helpful to our customers, we don't claim to be health advisors. If you find it difficult to quit smoking please consult a medical professional.